Friday, May 2, 2008

Ride Van News

Starting for Fall 2008, there will be a Ride Van back in service. Yeah!

This will be a test run of sorts for the new academic year for 2008-2009. The Ride Van/Safe Ride was running several years ago as an on campus shuttle service for students, but was canceled due to budget cuts.

Recently, a proposal was brought up to re-instate this shuttle service for next school year. After many meetings and adjusting proposals, the Ride Van service is back.

The service will be on a loop system around campus. The map will be posted as soon as its available. It will run from 10pm-2am, 7 days a week except over breaks. It will however run during J-Term.

Public Safety's Elizabeth Cahn says "She is very excited that we got this far and I hope that we can get a lot of student support next year in terms of riders so that if can continue". Elizabeth is PS's Planning & Community Outreach Coordinator & a huge contributor in getting the Ride Van back in play for the student community. Thanks Elizabeth!

So, next fall keep an eye out for information on schedules and stops.

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