Thursday, March 27, 2008

What is Fleet?

By Definition-


  1. A number of warships operating together under one command.
  2. A group of vessels or vehicles, such as taxicabs or fishing boats, owned or operated as a unit.

Here at MHC, the Fleet Office is just like the #2 in the definition (excluding the taxicabs, vessels and fishing boats). The Office represents a group of vehicles that are available for the college community, either by reservations, rental or professionally driven reservations.

Our Fleet is made up of 3 sedans,1 rental sedan, 2 mini-vans, 2 12-passenger vans, 2 mini-buses and one large bus.

The vehicles (excluding the buses of course) are available for use after a fleet orientation class is completed. Along with the orientation class, a copy of your driving history is needed with your application. There are more steps for the college's rental vehicle, but we will get to that information soon.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thanks For Stopping By!

Welcome to the grand opening of the Mount Holyoke College Fleet Office Blog!

Here we plan to share fleet news, fleet orientation information, bus trips, and information about those of us working to keep our department flowing. Feedback and input are always welcome!

Check back soon for more content!