Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fleet Driving in the Summer

OMG! There are no more classes! Exams start Friday! Graduation in a few weeks! And then......what?

So, with those of you who will be on campus over the summer and will be conducting research you may still use a fleet vehicle to get from point A to point B. Yes, the fleet vehicle must be used for college business (unless its the LyonShare), but at least you won't have to buy a car or beg your parents to use thiers. The vehicle has to be used under a department since student orgs cannot use fleet vehicles over the summer.

If you want to just relax this summer, but you are still on campus, feel free to use the LyonShare vehicle to get you there. Use it to go to the Beach, go shopping, go to Mystic for the day or what ever your little heart desires! Its here and available, so please use it!

Also, in the past Student Programs has needed a fleet certified drivers to help shuttle students to Big Y and other places over the summer. So, don't let your talents go to waste and check with them to see if you can earn a few extra dollars and help out your fellow students.

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