Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fleet Driver of the Month

The Fleet Office would like to start recognizing students and employees who love our vehicles and treat the program with respect. Oh, how we appreciate it and we want to show it!

For the month of April, we would like to introduce you to our first LyonShare vehicle program user and a well respected student in our department, Stephanie '08. She has been a member of the fleet program since the winter of 2004.

This past fall the college wanted to introduce a new program and boy was I nervous about having a new section of the fleet office (it was the first time we had a credit card machine in the office for the fees of the LS vehicle and boy was that intimidating at first). Stephanie was lucky enough to make the maiden voyage of this new program and she felt confident that this would be a great addition to the fleet program.

Stephanie helped us work out some kinks in the program, yeah with that darn credit card machine. She was patient and kind during the learning phase and we really appreciated it!

She now uses the LyonShare vehicle often and it has helped her with many tasks. She says "I'm so glad that MHC has decided to offer the Lyon's Share vehicle. I used it even before classes started this year. I used the Pack and Hold service at Bed and Bath, and I knew I would need some way to get my boxes back on campus to furnish my room. Amanda was such a help in getting me squared away to rent the car! Thanks Amanda!"

So, thanks Stephanie for your kind words and big smile that warms the office when you pick up your paperwork. Good luck after graduation!

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