Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bus Trip Updates

All three Red Sox games are sold out. The Sunday 8/17 game sold out in record time. The announcements went out on Monday morning by flyer, email & the gateway announcement web page. By 2pm on Monday, that game was sold out.

The other two games sold out this morning, around 10:30am. WOW!

The Red Sox ticket agency only allowed group coordinators to purchase up to three games. We maxed out on the amount of games we could purchase to maximize the employees chances of getting tickets. This is why we do not have more then three games.

For future games, if you would like to be contacted directly, please let me know. I have a growing list of people who would like to be notified by email rather then waiting for the flyers to arrive in their department.

The email notification would work for all bus trips, not just for the Red Sox games.

As for the NYC bus trip May 17th, there are still a few seats available. This may be the last time this trip will be for $20 round trip "ticket" to NYC. Since the ever growing fuel cost is effecting everything, included our fuel, we may increase the cost to cover the expenses. So, take advantage of the low fair before its too late.

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