Thursday, June 19, 2008


If you need to get to any of the other 5-Colleges, use the PVTA (the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority) bus line. You can check the website to see the routes and times for the bus. The bus does not run during the summer and for some breaks.

They also post regional route maps so if you choose to use the bus to get to MHC for work, check out the website for further information.

The base fares are-
  • Adult $1.00 (.90 if purchased at the Customer Service Center)
  • Transfer .25 (regular & children)
  • Elderly (with valid PVTA ID) .50, transfer .10 (To receive reduce-fare privileges you must have a valid PVTA photo ID or statewide Access Pass. This ID is process while you wait at the Customer Service Center at 1341 Main St. Springfield)
  • Children under 6 years of age ride the PVTA for free
  • Children 6-12 years of age pay .75
  • Passengers 13 years of age and up pay the adult fare.
The fixed route fare-

31-Consecutive Day Passes
  • Regular 31-day, monthly cost $36.00
  • Elderly & Disabled 31-day, monthly cost $18.00
  • Regular 7-day cost $10.00
  • Regular day pass, cost $3.00
Fares for ADA & Senior Van Service-

  • $2.00 within an adjacent community.
  • $2.50 outside a non-adjacent community.
  • $3.00 out of county/non-adjacent communities

When boarding the bus you must have the exact fare. Operators do not carry change and are not allowed to search purses, pockets or backpacks for customer's fare.

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