Monday, June 9, 2008

Hybrid Buses

Wow! Can you believe it? Larger cities like Honolulu are incorporating Hybrid buses into their fleets. It will be some time before MHC will be able to afford this type of vehicle, since the latest one that Honolulu mass transit purchased was over $200,000 back in 2004.

The buses are also 75-passenger capacity. Holy cow! I bet that would be wonderful for our bus trips to NYC and to see the Red Sox!

Along with fuel costs and larger seating capacity's, the hybrid buses are said to have better brake life, provide a smoother ride, are quieter and release less emissions into the environment. All great perks for a hybrid bus. It helps everyone on all aspects!

If you want to know how the hybrid works on a bus, check out the lovely diagram below!

Also, while visiting NYC in the past I have seen hybrid buses in their mass transit fleet as well. I'm sure there are other cities out there taking action too and its great! It good to know that the larger city's are taking the environmental issues we all face into consideration.

If you want to ready the entire article on hybrid buses in Honolulu, check out the Honolulu Adviser's article.

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